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Training Your Dog

If your dog is trained it will bring you great joy, happiness, and companionship, it will be an important member of your family and included in outings and activities. Dogs can help reduce stress from everyday life - if they are trained. 


If your dog is not trained, undertrained or only listens to your commands at home - with no distractions - then you aren't enjoying your dog as much as you could be.


If your dog isn't trained it's likely that everyone spends far too much time yelling at the dog, chasing the dog and trying to get the dog to obey commands. Anyone who deals with an untrained or under trained dog on a daily basis knows that it is frustrating, annoying, stressful and time-consuming. An untrained dog is far more likely to be destructive, get seriously injured and potentially cause injury or damage to property, other dogs, humans and to your family.


If you get nothing else from your visit here, one way or another, please train your dog, you both deserve it!

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Dog Training Fail

If you've tried and failed at other dog training programs or have experienced less than satisfactory results with other dog trainers - don't be too hard on yourself or your dog -  you're not alone. 

Dog owners spend lots of time and money trying to train their dog with methods that don't work, or only work with a handful of treats in the house when there are no distractions.


We take the guesswork out of training your dog with a program designed to give you complete control of your dog from the day it graduates from our exclusive off-leash K9 training program and we are with you on your canine journey for the life of your dog.

In fact,  we're so confident that we can train your dog to be 100% Off-Leash and 100% Obedient that we back it up with a Lifetime Guarantee because our mission is to help you have a Perfect Dog For Life

Dogs Can Be Expensive

Dogs are expensive, just ask anyone who owns one.  After the purchase price of your dog - even if they don't eat a lot or take up much space, your fur pal is going to cost you, on average, $1500.00 per year, and this does not take into account any additional medical expenses due to sickness, disease or accidents.  Veterinary medical care (until death) of your dog can easily exceed $20,000.00  

Great training is the best Insurance for your dog.

The 10 Most Common Causes of Accidental Injury and Death to Canines











All of these accidental deaths are completely preventable with the right tools and training.

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Dog training, off-leash K9 taining, Toronto dog trainer, Ontario dog training

The other variable in the cost of your dog is the dollar value of the damage and destruction that it can inflict on other humans, private property, valuables, and other pets.  Each year dogs in North America cost pet owners millions of dollars in the destruction of property.  Shoes, purses, furniture, landscaping, fences, doors, carpets and even vehicles, all damaged or destroyed by dogs. Dogs who are untrained and/or bored destroy things, and it's not their fault, it's yours.  You may also be responsible for fines, legal fees, and settlements or lawsuits because your dog was not under your control and became destructive.  


Ultimately you must train your dog, or have someone train it for you so that you are in control of its actions or the dog's safety and well being are in jeopardy and you are at risk financially, emotionally and legally. 

We are here to help.

Which Training Is Best?

There are lots of options for you to choose from when considering training for your dog.  You can read books or search for online training video and courses and train your dog yourself. 

You can join group obedient classes or hire a private trainer.


There are lots of different dog training methods as well. Dominance, Positive Reinforcement, Scientific, Clicker, Mirror, and Electronic training just to mention a few. You can also train your dog for a variety of activities and tasks like tricks, agility training, companion dogs, scent training and more.  

Ultimately you need to decide what outcome you and your dog hope to achieve from the training and how much time and commitment you are willing to put into the initial and on-going training of your dog. 

The common denominators of any dog training method are; 
the dog should not be harmed in any way; your dog trusts you and you trust your dog;  the training builds confidence in the dog and you; and that the dog ultimately responds to your commands in any situation on or off-leash.



If you have trained your dog, or if you have had your dog trained by someone else, and the dog will not follow your commands when there are no treats being offered, when there are distractions or when the dog is not on a leash, then your dog could be considered under-trained.  How safe are commands if your dog only listens to them under ideal conditions? 

We provide off-leash k9 training to qualified canines and guarantee that in just 2-weeks your dog will effortlessly perform the 10 commands that will set you on the path to a Perfect Dog For Life.

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