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Exclusive Training Programs

2 Week B&T

2-WEEK BOARD & TRAIN: $3950.00+ HST

(Custom Configured E-Collar & Accessories Included)

The last obedience training program your dog will ever need - GUARANTEED!

Our guaranteed balanced training system will have your dog trained safely, quickly, and expertly in just 2 weeks. Your pal will live with one of our Expert E-Collar Trainers for 2 weeks and will undergo a minimum of 2-hours of extensive 1 on 1 training each day. Your dog will learn all of the commands in our  E-Collar Off-Leash Obedience Program, plus a few extra commands to make your life easier!

We board, feed, train, and love your dog, and we teach it everything it needs to know on the path to being a Perfect Dog For Life.  We start with all of the basic commands and then each day we introduce new distractions until your dog can obey all of your commands in ANY ENVIRONMENT.  

We start working with your dog in our one-of-a-kind 6,000 square foot indoor training center. Our facility is outfitted with an extensive distraction-training course that helps teach your dog to be calm, composed, and obedient around LOTS OF DISTRACTIONS including People, Dogs, Traffic Noises, Wind, Blowing Objects, Vaccum Cleaners, Squirrels and Prey Animals, Door Bells, Bikes, People and lots more. We also address any particular objects that your dog may be reactive to. 

After the initial training phase, we start taking your dog on daily training excursions to high distraction public environments including Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Lowes, Peavy Mart, Michaels, Winners, 
Pet Stores, Downtown Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, and Hamilton. Your dog will also work on public hiking trails to proof commands in a forest environment.


At the end of the two weeks, your pal will obey all of the commands on-leash or off-leash regardless of where you are and what distractions are vying for your dog's attention.  Your dog will have been trained extensively in these environments and will know exactly how to respond to your commands.

E-Collar Dog Training

Exclusive 2-Week Program

  • Off-Leash Obedience 

  • Pre-admittance phone consultation

  • 2 weeks of Off-Leash Training

  • Custom-configured E-collar system (simple to use)

  • 2-year "in-house" collar warranty

  • Commands as described in the curriculum 

  • 2, 1-hour lessons per day or 4-30 min sessions

  • Daily video updates of your dog's training progress

  • Extensive Owner training with e-collar and commands

  • Unlimited follow-up calls, emails, texts

  • Continued support for life

Bulldog Training

Training Curriculum


Perhaps the three most important commands for taking control of your dog and giving you peace        of mind. Your dog will stop what it is doing and immediately come to you and sit.  Your dog will           stay in the sit position until you release it or give the next command.


Important commands for settling your dog down and putting it in a position of comfort and safety. Your dog will go into the down position and stay there until you release it or give the next command.



Your Dog will sit on the specific place you tell them to, like their pet bed, a park bench, or anywhere else that is safe for them to sit and/or lie down.  Great for putting them where you want, when you want. This is also a great confidence builder for your dog.



The command that is given to release your dog from the previous command.  This is their paycheque, so they get to relax and roam at will until you give the next command.



This command is used to get your dog to immediately drop any objects you ask them to.



Your dog will walk right beside you on a loose-leash or completely off-leash. How cool will it be to have your dog heeling tight to your leg and under your complete control anywhere you walk it!



Do not jump on me or anyone else. Can also be used for counter surfing or any other behavior where you want them to stop immediately.



We teach your pal to wait patiently at every door, sliding door and gate so that you never have to worry about them charging into or out of any place ever again!


Your dog will learn to enter any vehicle on your command.  Front seat, back seat or hatchback, you give the command "LOAD" and your dog jumps in the vehicle.


1 Week B&T

1-WEEK BOARD & TRAIN: $2250.00+ HST

(Custom Configured E-Collar & Accessories Included)

This training program is will teach your dog all of the standard commands but does not include the extensive "public space" distraction training of our two-week program.  At the end of 7 days, your dog will obey each of the commands listed and will perform them flawlessly in no, or low distraction environments.


You will be provided with training videos and support materials to help you get confident and comfortable with the e-collar system, commands, and hand signals prior to picking up your dog.

At pick-up, we will work with you and your dog to show you each of the commands and exactly how the e-collar works with the commands. We want you to be comfortable and confident handling your dog before you go home. You can then continue your dog's training at home and continue building your dog's confidence and ability to perform all commands off-leash with distractions.

  • Pre-admittance phone consultation.

  • 7 days of training.

  • Custom-configured E-collar System and accessories

  • 2-year "in-house" warranty on the e-collar

  • All commands as described

  • Minimum of 2, 1-hour lessons per day

  • Daily playtime 

  • Daily video updates of your dog's progress

  • Certificate of Achievement

  • Extensive Owner training with e-collar and commands

  • Unlimited follow-up calls, emails, texts

  • Continued support for life

Bernedoodle Training
1on1 Training


(Custom Configured E-Collar & Accessories Included)

Our one-on-one training program is the perfect way to learn how to safely E-Collar train your dog.

Our E-Collar experts will work with you and your dog to provide a training program that incorporates precision techniques, commands, positive reinforcement, and rewards. With our help, you'll be able to achieve your dog's full potential and foster a bond and obedience that will last for life.


Inexperienced trainers may add an e-collar as a last effort to a training program that isn't working.

We are E-Collar experts, it's all we do, and we do it really well. We don't just slap an e-collar on your dog and hope for the best. We custom-configure your dog's e-collar system with the specific receiver, contact points, and accessories that are the safest and most suitable for your dog. We have effectively trained hundreds of dogs to off-leash reliability with the e-collar system, and we're going to show you exactly how we do it. We'll work closely with you and your dog and also provide you with extensive training support materials to ensure that you and your dog are successful. And it doesn't end there.


We're committed to your long-term success and will always be available before, during, and after training to answer questions and offer whatever support is required to ensure long-term success!

You should be ready to commit at least 40 minutes per day to training your dog between weekly lessons. At the completion of the 4-week program, your dog will be able to execute all of the commands listed in our board & train programs.

  • Pre-admittance phone consultation.

  • Custom configured E-collar System.

  • Extensive training support materials

  • Distraction Training in our Incredible Training Facility 

  • 2-year in-house warranty on the e-collar.

  • All commands as per our Board & Train programs.

  • 4 - 1 hour private lessons

  • Certificate of Achievement

  • Unlimited follow-up calls, emails, texts

Standard Poodle Training
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