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Does your dog qualify?


Once submitted, you should expect a call from our Head Trainer within 24 hours. 

Our training programs are for any breed of dog 6 months or older. We do not offer group or puppy training at this time

The information you provide below will help us assess if you and your dog are a good fit for our E-Collar Training programs.


All information is confidential. It is used to determine if your dog eligible for our exclusive

E-collar training program.  We will review your information and will call you at the number you provide within 24 hours.

About You & Your Dog:
Where did you hear about us?
Have you reviewed our programs?
Which progam are you interested in?
Is your dog potty trained?
Is your dog crate trained?
Is Your dog spayed/netured?
Does your dog have aggression issues?
Does your dog have reactivity issues?
Does Your Dog Have Fear Issues?
Would you benefit from having your dog trained for Off-Leash reliability?
Has your dog had any training? Please select any that apply.
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Thank you for your inquiry. We will call you within 24 hours

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