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Head Trainer: Scott Rawlings

Scott started training canines in the late 1980s with his CKC Registered German Shepherd "Sargent Thunder Yalta Quest. He has since trained hundreds of dogs for family, friends, and clients in Alberta and Ontario. Over the years Scott has studied many of the top dog trainers in the world to learn their training techniques and protocols. In 2017, Scott went to the US and trained in the use of remote collars to train dogs to a high level of off-leash obedience. After years of working with dogs using a variety of industry-standard techniques, the humane use of

e-collars, supported by precision techniques was a complete game-changer. Scott has now trained over 150 dogs to Off-Leash reliability using a variety of training techniques and tools which help to balance each dog and bring out their full potential.


With positive reinforcement and praise-based reward as the baseline for training, we incorporate proven and humane e-collar technology as the anchor tool to take dog training to new levels of off-leash success for dogs and their owners.

Trainer: Lorena Zarattini