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  • What is an E-Collar?
    An “e-collar” is a dog collar that has a stimulation mechanism attached to the collar. The collar is controlled by a small remote control unit that the handler holds. The remote allows you to maintain full control of your dog for up to 1/2 mile. It gives your dog lots of freedom and saves you from worrying about your dog running off! The e-collar is not used as punishment and you are not "shocking" your dog as many people incorrectly assume. The e-collar is simply used as a training tool for communicating with your dog. The e-collar emits a subtle, blunt electrical current between two contact points located on the collar. When they first came into use back in the 1960's early versions of the collar were used to train hunting dogs and also as “shock collar” by many inexperienced dog owners who tried to scare their dog into submission. With our precision techiques your dog is never “shocked into submission” or abused in any way. We use the e-collar to get the dog’s attention and keep it focused on listening to commands. It's like someone tapping you on the shoulder to get your attention, or setting your phone on vibrate so it will get your attention when someone calls you. We teach the dog to respond to the “tap” and that the “tap” means, “please pay attention to me” Using our proven precision techniques your dog will respond to commands instantly because the dogs knows exactly what is expected of them when the command is given.
  • Will the E-Collar hurt my dog?
    Absolutely not. We are first and foremost dog lovers and would never do anything to harm your fur baby. During our first meeting we will let you feel how mild the stimulation is. In many cases the owner cannot even feel the stimulation at the same level we will be using to train their dog. Another common misconception is that the e-collar will burn their skin. While the e-collar, like any training tool (including choke chains and prong collars) holds the potential to harm the dog, when used correctly the e-collar will not harm your dog in any way. We match the correct e-collar contact points to your dogs fur type and musculature to ensure that only the lowest level of stimulation is required to get your dog to respond. The e-collar is fastened to the dog so that the contact points do not move around and cause friction sores and we use hypo-allergitic contact points for dogs with more sensitive skin. Some people have claimed that it is like being shocked with a taser, this is also false. We are dog trainers because we LOVE dogs and we would never do anything to harm them in any way!
  • Will my dog always have to wear the E-collar?
    No. Your dog will not always have to wear the e-collar. In fact, with practise and consistancy your dog will quickly be obeying your every command inside your home without the e-collar on. We always recommend putting the e-collar on your dog before you take it outside off-leash, or at any time when you want to gaurantee that you have complete control of your dog. You can never be sure what distraction may get your dog’s attention, so you want to be able to maintain complete control of your dog - regardless of distractions. It’s like having an invisible 1/2 mile long leash on your dog. As you continue to use the e-collar in conjunction with precise commands, markers and rewards you will find that very little, if any, stimulation is required to get your dog to repsond. Your dog wearing the e-collar outside is like a child wearing a seat belt. We teach children the importance of always wearing a seat belt when they get into a car. The one time the child doesn’t wear the seat belt could be the one time they are in a car accident and a seat belt would have prevented injury. It only takes one time for your dog to see something that really catches their attention and bolt away from you, without the collar you have no way to stop them from potential harm, accidents and injury.
  • Will my dog hate wearing the E-collar?
    No! Dog owners are actually quite surprised at the opposite reaction from their dog. Your dog will quickly get used to having the e-collar on and it will have no more effect on them than a normal collar. When you pick the e-collar up to turn it on and rattle the buckles on the collar your dog will likely come running and sit down in front of you and wait for you to put it on them. Why? Because the dog knows the e-collar means that they are going outside with you to run, play ball, be free or go for a walk and they know they are going to do some training. A bored dog can be a destructive dog - a trained and exercised dog is a happy and content dog. Your dog will look forward to their training sessions because it stimulates them, challenges them and gives them something to do. When you're having a slow day at work the day drags and you can feel bored, innatentive and sluggish. When you' re busy the day seems to go by much faster and you are more energized. It's the same for your dog. With no friends to play with, no computer or social media, no television, and nothing stimulating to do they get bored and restless. Your dogs major form of stimulation is the time you spend with them, training and practising together, and their time outside running, exploring, playing, and bonding with you! It should be noted that some dogs may not particularily like the collar because it means they have to pay attention and they have to obey commands - something they haven't had to do in the past. They won't hate it, but they may try to avoid having it put on. With the proper and consistent use of the collar and commands your dog will get used to the collar, and as stated above can even come to enjoy having it on.
  • Where do private lessons take place?
    All lessons are completed at our 6000 sq/ft training center. As the lessons progress and your dog learns it's commands we add a wide variety of distractions in order to challenge your dog and proof it's commands while distracted.
  • How much time should I spend training my dog?
    The great thing about this training is that you don’t have to set a specific amount of time aside per day in order to train your dog! We will teach you how to incorporate this training into your daily routine.
  • What age should my dog be for e-collar training?
    Your dog should be at least 3 months old before starting e-collar training.
  • Is an E-collar OK for a small dog?
    YES. Our precision e-collar training works for any sized dog. For smaller breeds we use a micro-trainer which is 20% smaller in size and power than the mini-educator. We also have smaller contact points or comfort pads for smaller breed dogs.
  • Is E-collar training right for my dog?
    E-collar training in perfect for 98% of dogs, regardless of breed. Most commonly e-collar training is used for medium to large breed dogs as they are typically more powerful and can be more difficult to get under control, especially when distracted by other dogs, people or animals - SQUIRELL! We do not accept dogs that are very people or dog aggressive into our program but will be happy to refer you to an animal behaviourist who can work with you and your dog over a longer period of time to deal with agression issues. If your dog is simply reactive to other dogs or people our training will provide your dog with the confidence and obedience it needs to remain calm and for you to have full control over your pal regardless of distractions.
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