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E-Collar Training

E-collar is short for Electronic Collar. Contrary to what some canine "experts" would have you believe, an e-collar does not "shock" your dog.  Today's advanced e-collar technology is designed to deliver blunt stimulation, similar to a Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machine used by humans to stimulate nerves for therapeutic purposes.  In most cases, the amount of stimulation used in e-collar training is not enough for a human to feel.

When used in conjunction with an understanding of your dog's personality and cues and responses, e-collar training does not hurt your dog, it does get their attention, specifically at times when they are distracted and least likely to obey commands.

Why do we use e-collar training?  quite simply because it works better, faster, and more consistently than any other form of dog training!  E-Collar training is safe, fast, effective, and humane. When used as part of a balanced training program by a skilled trainer using proven techniques centered on praise-reward and positive reinforcement, e-collar training is so effective, and your dog understands it so well, that you can take your fur pal ANYWHERE with ANY DISTRACTIONS on loose-leash or completely off-leash. E-collar training helps to build your dog's confidence and to obey commands. 

How It Works

E-Collar Technologies Ecollars are remote training tools that  employ

proprietary blunt stimulation making it the most humane and effective dog training collar available. The e-collar delivers a split-second low-level electronic nick. It is essentially like tapping your dog on the shoulder and saying "hey pal - pay attention".  We use the lowest level of stimulation required to get your dog to respond.  When combined with clear, concise commands, markers, repetition, and lots of positive reinforcement your dog will quickly and happily respond to your commands.


**PLEASE NOTE: You should never use an e-collar on your dog unless you have been trained in its proper use or are under the supervision of a trained e-collar professional.

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Chihuahua Training

Training With E-Collar

After an evaluation of the issues you are having with your dog and determining the commands it already knows we do an initial collar conditioning period where your dog has the opportunity to get used to wearing the e-collar.  We then get to work teaching your dog the most basic and perhaps most important commands in the Off-Leash Dog Training program. Come, Sit, Down, Place, and Heel.  Over the course of the training program, we add new commands while continuing to reinforce learned commands and slowly introducing more and more distractions. 


Commands aren't effective if your dog ignores them when there are distractions present. DISTRACTION PROOFING your dog is one of the most important aspects of our training programs. Teaching your dog to respond to commands REGARDLESS OF DISTRACTIONS  is the only way that you will ever have complete control of your dog in any situation, in any environment, with any distractions on-leash or off-leash. 


We use generous amounts of praise and positive reinforcement so that your dog enjoys completing commands simply to get the praise it deserves - and perhaps the occasional treat!   As your dog becomes more confident with the commands we steadily increase the amount and level of distractions until your dog responds regardless of any distractions in the environment.  Imagine being able to take your dog anywhere - anytime and have it immediately respond to your commands - that is real freedom for your best friend and for you and your family.

What Commands Will My Dog Learn?

Facts About E-Collar Training

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