You Found Your Perfect Dog
it just needs great training!


We train your dog with praise-based rewards, positive reinforcement, and industry-best e-collar systems. We set a very high bar for pet-dog training,

and we deliver results. Our Off-Leash E-Collar Training Program humanely, and effectively train your dog for OFF-LEASH OBEDIENCE

Dog Training That Really Works!

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Our training programs are an investment in the safety and happiness of you and your dog. We love dogs, and our training programs guarantee your dog is happy, safe, and obedient. A pal you can take anywhere. A dog that will make you proud. A friend that you will have for life.


Distraction Training


Off-Leash Obedience and Distraction Training are the two most critical differences in the way that we train your dog.  Your dog may perform perfectly in your house or yard, but if they don't respond to your commands when it really matters, then your dog is at risk.


Leashes are not foolproof, leads can break, dogs will slip or pull out of collars and harnesses, doors and gates will be left open, fences can be jumped over, dug under, or chewed through.  If your dog is distracted by another human, dog, cat, squirrel or ANYTHING ELSE THAT THEY FIND INTERESTING will they obey your commands?  With our precision e-collar training they will - every time!


There are lots of outdoor situations where you don't want to have your dog on a leash, like at the cottage, hiking on trails, around your own backyard or property or when taking your dog to an off-leash area.


Is your dog on a leash right now?   If she were to bolt out the door and head for the street, could you stop her with a single command?  



Watch the short videos below to see what each of the commands looks like in real-world environments.

Teaching Recall with an E-Collar
Teaching a dog to off-leash heel with e-collar
Teaching extended sit with e-collar
teaching extended down with e-collar
teaching distance down with e-collar
teaching a dog stair manners
Teaching the place command with e-collar
teaching the load command with e-collar
teaching the brfeak command with e-collar

12 Months - 12 Equal Payments Financing Available:


Imagine Off-Leash Freedom

Larbardoodle E-collar Traiing

No more chasing, yelling, anxiety, and getting stressed out by your dog. Just a happy, well-balanced pal who is ready and willing to obey your commands. In your home and anywhere

you go, loose-leash or completely off-leash you will have complete control of your dog - FOREVER! 

We use positive reinforcement, praise, distraction training, and state-of-the-art E-Collar technology with precision techniques to teach your dog to pay attention and obey your commands.

We do not "shock" your dog.

We use a balance of exercises, repetition, engagement, distraction work, and exposure, to teach your dog to pay attention to your commands every time. The e-collar delivers precise levels of blunt stimulation and is used to communicate with your dog. The sensation is similar to that of a tens machine used for human muscle stimulation.  Causing harm to any dog is cruel and completely counterproductive to effective training and to a happy dog.