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Transforming Dogs, Empowering Owners

Imagine Off-Leash Freedom This Summer

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At Perfect Dog For Life, we understand the importance of building a strong and lasting bond between you and your dog and we love helping dog owners transform their furry friends into happy, obedient companions, ready to take on the world together.


We are experts in safe and super-effective e-collar training. We have proven techniques that teach your dog to respond to your commands every time, in any situation. You'll be amazed at how quickly the transformation happens and how easy it is for you to take full control of your dog without spending months or even years training your dog.



We pride ourselves on our professional and personalized approach to dog training. We are experts in safe e-collar techniques that are incredibly effective in achieving lasting changes in dogs of all ages and breeds. We take the time to understand your dog's unique needs and personality and we can tailor our training programs to meet your specific goals. With our training, we guarantee that you will quickly see an improvement in your dog's behaviour and obedience, and you will finally be able to enjoy a happy stress-free relationship with your best pal. 


A well-trained dog is a safe dog and a joy to have as a member of your family.  An untrained or undertrained dog can be a liability and a source of personal frustration, guilt, anger, and anxiety, not to mention relationship conflict. But it doesn't have to be that way. WE'RE HERE TO HELP!

Imagine no more partner or family arguments about the dog. Our training program gives you a template that everyone can follow - because it works!



We understand that your pet is an integral part of your family, which is why we believe in providing the highest level of communication and support. Our mission is to train your dog to be the best they can be. We ensure that you stay informed and included throughout the entire training process and we're always here for you before, during, and after training.

  • We are trusted experts in safe and effective E-Collar Training.

  • We have trained 100's of dogs to off-leash reliability.

  • Life is better without dog-related stress, guilt, or anxiety.

  • Enjoy quality time with your dog like you intended.

  • Our programs quickly build your dog's confidence and trust.

  • Praise-based training makes it fun and easy for your dog to succeed.

  • Guaranteed Off-Leash Obedience for fun and freedom.

  • Perfect for any breed 6 months and up.

  • No prong collars, slip leads, choke chains, gentle leaders, or harnesses.

  • Learn to be the leader that your dog will trust and respect.

  • Be confident knowing that you have ongoing support.


Real Dogs, Real Owners, Real Results

E Collar Training

E-collars are an incredible communication tool that, when used properly, create an incredible connection between you and your pal. Your dog will quickly learn to listen to and obey your commands with confidence.  No more screaming, fighting, and constant bribing of your dog. Use simple commands, cues, and praise to get the absolute best out of your pal.

It's important to note: We don't add the e-collar as an afterthought when other tools and techniques fail to get results. We know what works so that's what we do!

E-collars are not "one-size-fits-all". We're the experts and we know the most appropriate, effective, and reliable system for your specific dog. We provide everything you need.

Scott Rawlings Ecollar dog trainer
Scott Rawlings Ecollar dog trainer
5 Star Dog Training
Lorena Zarattini Ecollar dog trainer
Lorena Zarattini Ecollar dog trainer

We're Committed to You and Your Dog

We understand that sending your dog away for training is a very big deal and we respect the trust you place in us to care for and train your pal. Our commitment to communication is unmatched in the industry. With our expertise and dedication, you can trust that your dog is receiving the best training and care while they are with us.

Toronto Dog Training

Distraction Training

Distraction training is a key element of our comprehensive dog training programs. We believe that every dog should be able to listen to their owner's commands, even amid distractions. That's why We start the training in our one-of-a-kind 6000 sq/ft training facility before moving on to real-world environments. Your dog will learn how to behave and obey your commands in any situation.

Obedience Commands


Here is what each of the commands looks like in real-world environments.

Teaching Recall with an E-Collar
Teaching a dog to off-leash heel with e-collar
Teaching extended sit with e-collar
teaching extended down with e-collar
teaching distance down with e-collar
teaching a dog stair manners
Teaching the place command with e-collar
teaching the load command with e-collar
teaching the brfeak command with e-collar
Larbardoodle E-collar Traiing
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